Lunch yesterday was our date day, since our daughter was with her grandparents, so as per tradition, we like to eat at a place we’ve never been before.

Botanique (press name for link), located on Zuivelmarkt, is one of those with burgers made with their own creativity. You can’t overlook the salad either; each menu item from the salad selection makes your mouth water, which is a lot to say about salad.

Brecht took a Nacho Macho, a burger with a Mexican twist, the patty being 100% minced beef with guacamole. And nachos, in the burger. It was good, I took a bite. The meat was moist and with the smoothness of the guacamole and crispiness from the nachos, it was a mouthful of goodness. I, on the other hand, took the Spicy Korean. I don’t know why, but being Asian, I always have the tendency to choose the asian influenced item, mainly because I want to see how it holds up. And unfortunately, it did not. The item had two chilies, stating that it was spicy, but it was sadly not what I expected. The sauce was supposed to be a sweet and sour sauce and they added fried onions (which people here call Bicky onions). For me, it was definitely not Korean tasting and it would have been better if they generalized the item name as Asian and not specify it as Korean. When I think of Korean, I think of their fermented chili paste. If they had mixed that with some mayo and grilled a filet of chicken breast or thigh, basing it upon the famous Korean barbecue, I believe it would have had been better.

All in all, the ambience of the place was chill. The perfect place to bring your friends because it does have a nice widespread of burgers, including vegetarian burgers, and botanical brews of drinks. The service people are friendly; they know how to communicate in English well and the restaurant provides a separate menu in english too. I can’t give a rating of the food just yet since I have not tried enough to do so, but I will say the service is 5 bowls out of 5!

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