Usually Caprese salad consists slices of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. I’ve found out that I’m slightly allergic to tomato and decided to give this dish a common twist.


1 aubergine (eggplant)

2 big blobs of mozzarella (soft, ones soaked in water)

1 rosemary stalk (with its leaves, of course)

1 piece of garlic

vegetable oil (or olive oil)


salt and pepper seasoning


  1. Slice the aubergine 0.5-1cm in width.
  2. Coat some oil in a saute pan and put the rosemary and garlic. (Putting these first rather than later when the oil is hot will keep the rosemary and garlic from burning.)
  3. When the rosemary and garlic smell fragrant, put in the slices of aubergine.
  4. Meanwhile, carefully slice the mozzarella. If your knife is not so sharp, slice slowly. Breakage can happen. Don’t panic. Just make sure the nicely curved side is shown and tuck the messy bits under the aubergine when arranging.
  5. Season the aubergine, having them cooked on both sides. You can also sprinkle some dried thyme for more in depth of flavor.
  6. Arrange the aubergine and mozzarella according to your style and garnish with basil and the rosemary and garlic.
  7. Serve warm or chilled.

Fun Note: If you want to serve a savoury dish chilled, make sure to give it extra seaosoning for the umph to come by.

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