Whenever I make a soup for my family, they would always ask how I make it and the reply I give is ‘I just put carrot and cumin’. Of course I’d have to explain it to them step by step, but really, making soup is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is follow a formula and to make the soup unique, it’s a mere change of ingredients and the addition of spices. However, there are some soups that are exceptional, like the consomme. The soups I’m talking about are the creamy vegetable soups you expect in most restaurants. So I’m going to give you the formula, and all you have to do is to make that soup your own.


This is used to saute your mirepoix or the ingredients you want to use. There are difference in oils, such as sunflower and corn. You can also use the fats from meats if it is to your liking.


Usually this is a group of carrots, leeks, onions, and celery. However, it is not necessary to put all. NOTE: If you are making a white soup, like cauliflower or vichysoisse, definitely leave out the carrots. Saute these until soft or slightly caramelized.


After sauteing the mirepoix, to make brocolli soup, put in brocolli. For carrots, put in more carrots. This is the part where you can put the MAIN star of your dish.


Vegetable or chicken stock is common, but if you have another in mind, by all means. You are the creator. When the stock has been put, this is when you can relax a bit and let the ingredients cook and fuse together in a light simmer. NOTE: When adding water, use cold, not warm.


Blend the soup before you pour in the cream. Again, whatever cream you like, whether it is full fat, low fat, or soy.


Salt and pepper is a must. However this is when you get to give the soup another layer of flavour. So if you want, you can always add a bit of cinammon, coriander, perhaps some cayenne pepper to spice things up. Whatever it is, taste and taste along the way.

There you have it. The formula of making soup. With this, you can make practically almost any soup you’d like. Hope you learned something today!

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