Before the world became so cheap and app stores were non-existent, there were complimentary discs from Microsoft featuring games popular during the time. Although first released almost 35 years ago, the games that were packaged along with MS-DOS were still popular in the 90s, my time as a kid. I was five when I first started gaming on the computer, a little younger on the Super Nintendo, but my older brother hardly let me play. (Oh my god, is this an origin story of my being a girl gamer? No, it isn’t…) Anyway, I only played  games like Jazz Jackrabbit, Contra, Duke Nukem II,and Hexen, which is not the kind of game a girl usually plays at that age and it did scare me a little at times, but it was fun!


I was just told to shoot the baddies, and that’s what I did. Of course moreover with Hexen, my mom disapproved so she’d always take me back into Jazz Jackrabbit or Contra. It’s less graphic. Right…

My dad would play Prince of Persia, more of the early role playing games of the time and I do recall him playing another game called Leisure Suit Larry and it’s basically a guy walking around talking to people. Obviously there was a purpose in the game but walking around was all my dad told me to do when I played it since I was a whiner and wanted to try an RPG. When feeling nostalgic and wanting to look up all the old games I used to play, I found out that Larry is quite a naughty game. (Which explains the woman in a bikini in a hottub. I was six years old, I couldn’t have understood the context of the conversation!)


But yeah, Larry is the original 40-year old virgin, not Steve Carell’s character Andy, though don’t doubt, I loved the movie. Where Andy was loveable and you rooted him on, Larry is a bit more of a creep.

Anyway, if I could, I would love to do a series on plays of DOS games. Maybe. I’ll think about it. Though if you do want to experience the world of DOS games, I found an awesome site that features all these games, appropriately calling it Abandonware. So if you want to check that out, you can click HERE, or scroll down a bit for the URL.

Gaming has become a culture and it’s definitely part of a good chunk of my life. It’s nice to know I’m one of the few kids my age who played DOS games. A little geeky, but I am proud of it and I am happy I grew up with a dad who played games and who isn’t afraid to share that experience with his kids. My dad started my game loving, my brother became my mentor and game partner.


And I’d also be his plane of reality when he played horror like Silent Hill. Yeah. A seven year old watching a gameplay of Silent Hill. Did it scar me? Nah………A little? But it isn’t life changing. I just avoid quiet towns…and fog. Just kidding.

I know it’s quite the long read, but I hope it’s brought back some good memories. Let me push that nostalgic button for you. (Boop).


There is a guy who plays old games, a few from DOS, but there are more. He’s funny, very entertaining, and you’ll love his bird too. Interested? Go on:

His name is JonTron. He also posts his videos on YouTube, so check him out!

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