When you go to the supermarket or the local grocers, and you head to the dairy section to get your milk, cheeses and butter, you see there are companies who always provide butter that are salted, and are unsalted. So which one should you choose? I say whatever floats your boat.

The difference between them is, no duh, one has a salt content. Most recipes don’t specify of which butter to use, so automatically, unsalted butter is preferred. It’s just that if you choose to have salted butter, then you don’t necessarily have to add more salt in the recipe later when you’re cooking. For me, this is a no brainer and I always grab the unsalted variety because, if you’re especially taking care of your health and salt intake, you have more of the power to control it, so it is somewhat of a healthier choice.

Though obviously don’t put salted butter in any buttercream, unless it’s salted caramel buttercream, then I suppose that’s alright.




Comic courtesy: Mike Bannon (Artist) Original page: mordantorange.com

(Check it out, his comics are hilarious.)


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