Just so it’s clear, I’m an animal lover, but I also love eating meat! Chicken, beef, veal, camel (yes), mutton, and my absolute favorite, lamb. I’m a muslim so pork isn’t on the list, although if I were allowed to, I’m pretty sure I’d be twice the size I am today. But the topic on muslims not being able to eat pork isn’t the subject content today, that’s for a later discussion! No, with a lot of organic products and substitutes being produced massively in these modern times, there’s a trend to vegetarianism, or the more extreme, veganism.

Here’s a note, I have no intent of offending any vegans, which is why this is more of a personal study for me, to understand why people chose their diets the way they do.

It all started with this person being intolerant to this and that person being intolerant to that, but it wasn’t just the people who suffered the intolerances began consuming these substituted products. Veganism has existed since the 1940s, a society founded by Donald Watson. His vision was to create a society of which humans can suffice with non-animal products, consuming nutrients such as protein and calcium from other sources. However he always emphasises that it is ones choice, as it should be. On the other hand, some follow veganism as a way of life due to their faith, such as buddhists and taoists. Not all are daily vegans but there is always a day of which they only eat non-animal products; Wesak Day.

Though from being a humble person who chose a different diet unlike much of the rest, vegans have gained a certain repertoire. Veganism has become somewhat of a trend. A trend which the high and mighty hipsters tend to follow. I understand if there really are things that a person cannot consume due to their health or religion, but to make veganism a trend is beyond me, which is why there’s a satirical war between meat lovers and vegetarians/vegan. I have no issue. If you’re vegetarian/vegan, fine, not my problem. You eat what you like, and I’ll eat what I like. It should be that way. But there are always conflicts and arguments and plenty eye-rolling, which just shouldn’t be.

As I said, I’m a lover of eating meat, but I’m open to experience. So for ONE WEEK (starting Monday), I’m going to try a vegan diet. And perhaps next time try a gluten-free diet which is ridiculous unless you have a health restriction. But back to the vegan topic, yeah, for a week, I’m going vegan and it’s not going to be easy, in terms of controlling my meat craving rather than finding foods that are vegan safe to eat. I will document my experiences, the bad and the terrible, and post up some recipes along the way. Help. Me.

4 thoughts on “The Vegan Diaries: Intro

  1. I follow (mostly) a gluten(wheat) free vegan diet. I found out last year after my tongue swole the size of a softball that I am allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, and peanuts. I typically just look for gluten free product or recipes since it’s basically the same as wheat free. After research of all the chemicals and I’ll treatment of animals I decided to drop meat. If I could afford all the organic meat I would do that. If I wasn’t allergic to eggs and dairy I’d stick with being vegetarian. I eat meat occasionally, and I also don’t judge those who eat meat. I still cook it for my husband and son. Which is why is hard for me to give up meat completely because it’s always around.


    1. I can imagine it’s hard. That’s why I’m curious to see how vegan’s feel so I can understand and sympathize, especially when it also comes to the fact packaged products contain additives with animal by-products. Seems like quite a struggle. Anyway, thanks for following. 🙂

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