One thing’s for sure, the brain can surely be teasing. We never eat meat everyday, leaving a day or two to eat mainly vegetables, but now that I’m on a no-meat week, meat is something I’m definitely craving, and it’s only the first day! On the other hand, I did get through the day.

For breakfast, I tried a hand in making pancakes. It’s quite simple, but obviously, you can’t use eggs nor milk, so substitutes are needed. So I used an egg replacer, an Orgran product, and soy milk. To be honest, it tasted pretty good! I added some cooked berries for another depth of flavor, and because it looks even healthier.

For lunch, I made a simple clear soup with mushrooms and tofu, and some rice vermicelli as a starch. Really easy to make and very tasty. I added a medley of mushrooms consisting of King Oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms; each presenting itself with it’s own unique flavor or texture (wood ear being my favorite as it has a soft exterior but a nice bite!). I sprinkled some birds eye chili for the heat (a whole lot of it).

Lastly, for dinner, we had take out but I made sure I had something completely vegan-safe, and because it is something I didn’t make, I didn’t take pictures. I basically had white rice with two kinds of asian vegetable dishes; one being stir fried kailan (Chinese broccoli) and the other, a combination of okra, bottle bean, string bean, and petai (parkia speciosa in English or “stinky” beans), sauteed with blended chili.

My first day was hard, as is everything when you’re changing a routine, but never have I wanted meat so much. I’m sure that in a couple of days in won’t be so hard and by that time I would have been half through my vegan week. I can do it!

2 thoughts on “The Vegan Diaries: Day 1

  1. Whaw…you did well making this special things…. we look forward to the next days of the daily fry

    Marc and Viviane


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