My stomach was giving me a hard time today, which resulted in my whole body responding to it. In short, I was feeling unwell. Brecht told me not to do vegan day 2 and although I very much considered his instruction, I felt that I needed to do it anyway. Throughout the day, my stomach did feel better and I wasn’t feeling as sick as I did when I woke up. I’ve been wondering why my body started to work up like that since I’ve showed no signs of getting the flu, so I deducted to the reason that perhaps my body was going through some kind of withdrawal [from meat], or a late allergic reaction to my all vegan diet, but let’s be honest, there’s no such thing!

On days when I feel sick, surprisingly, ramen (or in this case Korean ramyeon) always makes me feel better, so I ate that for “brunch”, since I was a little too weak to immediately prepare breakfast after sending Ayra and Brecht to school. I slept instead and then woke up craving for some instant noodles, veggie kind of course. Due to a late breakfast, I didn’t have a proper lunch, which is bad, I know, but with my stomach feeling a little funny, I didn’t really have the appetite to eat, so I snuck in a few snacks here and there, like fruits, juices, and banana crisps.

Dinner though, I had the energy to cook. I guess it’s also because I’m cooking for my family, so that is always a great motivation. For them, I made a beef stir fry with turmeric and onions, and a clear soup with petola (luffa¬†in English, it’s the sharp spiny one) and mung bean noodle, that I also had for myself. My protein was tofu; fried and then smothered in sweet chili sauce, of which I cooked with garlic and onion. Simple, but delicious.

I hope my stomach feels better tomorrow. If not, oh god…

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