It’s not the same without eggs. I made fried rice this morning and I realized how important the content of eggs are in the dish. It’s just…not the same. I felt that I didn’t do my dish any justice with not putting any eggs in it. Oh well, it did taste okay. So that was my breakfast.

Lunch was better. I had pasta with sauteed eggplant and cherry tomatoes. The pasta certainly tasted different, but not so different that it ruined the taste overall, though it did cook quicker than I thought it would. I timed it well enough to make sure it was al dente but it was already cooked through! So I ruined the texture of my pasta, but at least it didn’t spoil the taste.

We had dinner out to “celebrate” Women’s Day, so I chose a vegetarian restaurant called Simple Life. It featured a variety of dishes including vegetarian versions of local favorites. I had assam pedas, which is a spicy sour broth with fake fish and vegetables, served with brown rice. Alongside there was soup, which I was not fond of, and simple sauteed mustard greens. It was nice although choosing a dish was a little hard since it is a vegetarian restaurant, therefore animal by-products were served, but I managed because, again, there’s quite a variety. I will talk more about the restaurant in another post, because it does deserve a review, though that will come a little later.

So, I’m almost halfway done with Vegan Week, and to be honest, I am quite proud of myself, because although I don’t feel physically well (yeah, my stomach again, but not as bad as yesterday) I’m still pushing through. At the same time, I’m thinking of all sorts of other articles I could write about the vegan diet, such as, is it necessarily better? cheaper? easier? Look out for those sometime this week or the next!

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