The little one was sick today so I spent my time at home taking care of my bundle of joy, and what better way to show a mother’s love other than the many other ways? By cooking. It’s something my mum would make me whenever I was sick and what it is is a simple rice congee, or in Malay, nasi bubur. Usually mum just makes it plain; add a cup of rice and two to three cups of water, wait for it to cook, serve it with sweet soy sauce. That would get me sweating and asking for two extra servings. What I did for Ayra though, was a little more Chinese. I added the traditional duo, garlic and ginger; about a spoonful of each, chopped finely. Let it boil under a small fire (or not it starts bubbling and goes overboard and everywhere on the stove), and once it’s softened into an almost mush, add some mushrooms and vegetables. I had more king oyster mushrooms so I added those and baby mustard greens. Season and serve it up with a drizzle of sesame oil; a little goes a long way! We both ate that for breakfast and lunch.

I never bought “vegetarianised” meat so I thought that I’d do so today. I couldn’t get a hold of replacement red meats but I did get a can of vegetarian abalone. I decided to use that into a stir fry to see how it cooks and how it tastes like. It looked wrinkly and not at all what I thought, and after I cooked it and tasted it, it tasted like fermented tofu, which is what it technically is since it’s tofu based. It was alright, but I think I should have made it into a soup instead. Perhaps that’s the way to get rid of it’s wrinkliness. And hopefully I can get my hands on other meats soon.


The other dish I made was, in this context, spicy brinjal (sambal terung in Malay). It’s just brinjal, which I roasted in the oven, rather than the traditional fry in the pan, for healthier purposes, because you have to sautee the blended chili and onion in a whopping amount of oil anyway. It takes a long time to make good sambal. It cooked for a half hour to an hour. You can’t rush it. Again, this is going to be reserved for another article, so I’ll shut up about it for now. I know it’s a lot of sambal, but we like that!

We ate the two dishes with rice and right now I’m so happy that I have three days left. I don’t mean to sound like a baby, but I really do miss eating meat. My goodness, I’ve only been an amateur vegan for four days. But! I’m still proud about my self control though. I was craving for burgers and Brecht said we could just go to McD for dinner, though I asked him what I would eat. He was planning to order me a bunch of fries and that would be my dinner. It’s not Belgian fries so it isn’t the same, so I convinced him that we eat burgers next week when I’ve completed my challenge. I know it sounds terrible, but I am thinking about what to eat next Monday, since I’m going back to being an omnivore. Heehee!

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