I was supposed to post this yesterday, but it was a Friday! I am sorry if you were looking forward to it and have been waiting, but then again, most of you looking at this must have just stumbled upon this and wondered what the heck this is. Anyway, back to it. I find it easier finding things to cook when it comes to Asian food, rather than western. There are a lot of things in the Asian cuisine that are vegan friendly, because we have little use for butter and milk. We do have ingredients that can be crucial to a recipe, such as dried shrimp, but that can easily be left out, if you don’t mind a slight under-umph to the dish.

On the other hand, making western dishes needs a lot of pre-grocery preparation; there’s quite a bit to replace, such as milk, butter, eggs, and even flour, if you’re really picky. Although it gives a unique flavour after cooking, it doesn’t really give the same kind of comfort, but what do I know, I’m only doing this for a week, where there are some people who commit to this diet for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, I’m sorry this is short, but my Day 6 entry will be much longer, because we’ve been eating out and I’ve had the unfortunate struggle to find something vegan. So that will be my next post. Tune in!

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