What does a vegan do when he/she is out for dinner with friends/family and the restaurant they choose is not neccesarily an ideal place for a vegan to eat? I’m pretty sure they get frustrated. I certainly was, but not because wherever we chose to go to eat didn’t have that much of a range in vegetarian/vegan dishes, but because I talked myself into doing this vegan week! Not that it has been a waste of experience, oh no, I’ve certainly learned a lot, and I do have some feels for regular vegans. I can imagine how annoying it can be for them to have such a little array of choices on the menu, and how little vegetarian/vegan restaurants there are. But then again…

Anyway, it took us a long time to decide what we were going to have for lunch out and at first, we wanted to go to a burger joint because I saw they had portobello burgers and it was vegan safe, but as luck would have it, the company who owns it has removed it from it’s branch and is concentrating on the one location which was a half hour drive away from where we initially were. So that was crossed out. We began to look at menus, of the restaurants they had in the mall, online. Very little choices for vegan. Which reminds me of yesterday when we were looking at the Subway menu here in Malaysia. There is only one vegetarian option and that was a bun, stuffed with the main which were lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, and cucumber. And then they say to top it with condiments which are…lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, and cucumber…Oh yes, there were also olives, and jalapenos, so that’s something. It was hilarious to see, though I did find it ridiculous that that was the only vegetarian option.

I don’t blame the resturants for not speficially paying attention to vegetarians/vegans and for not catering them to a wide variety, because they do have the right to put whatever item they want on their menu. At the same time, in this day and age where veganism is becoming more and more popular, I do believe it would serve in their best interests to perhaps have a bit more stuff for vegans. But! I’m still on the fence about this one because for me, food is food, and if there’s something good, you bet your bottom dollar I’m sure going to eat it. One more day!

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